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Simply Bread Accessory Bundle - Premium

Simply Bread Accessory Bundle - Premium

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The Simply Bread Oven Premium Accessory Package is your all-in-one kit to kickstart or escalate your microbakery. Embrace the art of baking with precision and style, as this package includes tailor-made accessories for the Simply Bread Oven. Unleash your creativity with enough proofing baskets for two full loads and a dough lame to bring your favorite designs to life!

Bundle Includes:
-6 baking mats that will help with loading the oven as well, protect the stones and make cleanup a breeze
-3 high-quality loading boards that will help you easily transfer your loaves to and from the oven
-3 durable baking pans that will ensure even heat distribution and uniform baking, ideal for any kind of pastries
-24 traditional proofing baskets that provide the ideal environment for proofing your loaves
-A dough lame that will help you score your bread with precision and create beautiful, artisanal designs

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